Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sneak Peek and giveaway!

I am back!!!! And boy do I have a treat for you! Black Friday is around the corner and I have all sorts of fun planned for you! We start things of with a sneak peek of my new bundle and of coarse a chance to win it! Just leave a comment below of your favorite Carnival game/Circus act and I will pick one winner and announce that on my blog Friday! You have until Thursday 10.00 pm et to win it!
Good luck and check back friday for the winner, more info on all the sales/festivities and of coarse a freebie! 


  1. Cute kit! I always love the clowns at the circus. Thanks for the chance.

  2. Shooting Waters is my fav carnival game. You know, you shoot the water and fill up the balloon. First balloon to pop wins the prize! Hint, go for the newest balloon in the game, the ones that have been filled and deflated are all stretched out and take longer to fill and pop! LOL

  3. Looks awesome again! Love you're style is just amazing.
    Love the circus theme. Thank you for this chance

  4. I like the carnival game "Whack A Mole".